Five-Minute Friday Post: Small-Town Culture

It’s time for another Five-Minute Friday post.  Every week on this site, a topic is posted.  The idea is to turn that internal editor off and write for five minutes straight.  Then you post your blog and link up with others who have done the same.  

Topic: Culture

Five Minutes Starts Now…

I love the culture of small-town USA.  I don’t get to experience it much since I moved away, but I had the opportunity to return last week and realized just how much I miss and appreciate it.

Yes, we live in America and there is the American culture, but small-town life has a special, unique culture all its own.  

It’s a culture where you wave to every car that passes by because you know who it is.  You can walk into the hospital and any store in town and talk to the people who work there because either you or someone in your family knows them.  The people in the town know who you are and are interested in your life, even if your life is now miles away.  It’s a culture where you arrive at your grandparents’ house and meet your uncle who is working on a house across the street; a culture where children ride their bikes unsupervised around town because their parents know the whole town is looking out for them; a culture where people stop by your parents’ house to say hello because they saw an out-of-state license plate on the car outside and figured you were home…

Stop!  End of Five Minutes

Topic Continued…

I miss living in a small town.  I miss the culture of security, familiarity, community, and relationships, and even though I don’t live there now, I’m glad it exists.  I’m glad it resides with open arms, willing to welcome me and my family back any time we get the chance.  I’m glad that the culture of small-town USA stands strong in America.   

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  1. I live in a small ‘town’, myself…well, kinda…

    These days I’m confined to home;
    cancer is the hardest of slogs,
    but I’m not lonely nor alone;
    we’ve a community of dogs.
    A Pit Bull’s sleeping in the shower;
    best check before you turn it on,
    and there’s an early-morning ‘howler’
    when the denizens greet the dawn.
    They go about their daily tasks
    and I can call out each by voice
    and the way the whole group basks
    in sunny spots, each placed by choice.
    I have the greatest joy that love can bring
    which I would not trade for anything!

    #1 at FMF this week

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I am passionate about us sharing our American “culture” stories. I’m going to start a link up in a few weeks. I would love to have you write one and share the small town perspective.


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