Five-Minute Friday Post: Work or Baby

It’s time for another Five-Minute Friday post.  Every week on this site, a topic is posted.  The idea is to turn that internal editor off and write for five minutes straight.  Then you post your blog and link up with others who have done the same. 

Topic: Question

Five Minutes Starts Now…

5:30 a.m.

I sat down at my computer, looking forward to some uninterrupted time to write before my kids woke up.


Sadly, this time was not to be.

I went into the bedroom and picked up my 9-month-old.  She still looked very tired and was obviously not ready to be awake.

I rocked her for a bit and sure enough, she fell right back asleep.

That’s when the question hit me.  Should I write or hold my baby?  Since she’d fallen asleep, I could lay her back down and return to my original plans.  Or I could hold her while she slept and say good-bye to the morning’s writing productivity.

That’s when I heard it.

This little voice inside my head.

“Writing will wait.  This baby, at this stage, won’t.”

Stop!  End of Five Minutes

Topic Continued…

And so I held my baby.  I held her and loved her and thought about how precious she was.  I thought the fact that she won’t be this little for much longer, and for several beautiful, peaceful moments, I enjoyed the opportunity to cuddle her in my arms and hold her close.

I’ve been thinking about that little voice ever since.  All too often, whether we work inside or outside the home, we are faced with the choice: do we press on to accomplish all the work we have to do, or do we stop and let ourselves really enjoy the people we are with. 

Work will always be there.  The people we most love and care about won’t.



  1. 😭😭 oh girl! You’ve got tears in my eyes. This is my life too! 3 kids 10,7,and 3. So busy yet I long to just sit and write. Trying to cherish this time but looking forward to a time when I can just sit and write. Prayers for us both to be faithful in raising our children, loving them and being present with them above all else! Grateful for your words!!!

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  2. Yes!! There is always an internal struggle of whether to work (writing, housework, other commitments) or to love on our children and enjoy the moments. Thank you for the reminder today that the work will always be there, but this day with my kiddos won’t.

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  3. People over projects – no matter the age or stage – is, no doubt, the wisest choice! Enjoy all those early morning snuggles with your little one!!

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  4. Jenny. This is very beautiful. Thanks for reminding us all about the importance of being there for our children. The photo is beautiful. And, by holding your child, and then writing about your decision , you made this post extra special, and moving.

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  5. Yes! Hold that baby, take time to chat on the phone, play a game of checkers. Littles grow so quickly, friends move away, loved ones die. Enjoy this moment.


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