Welcome Wednesday – Addressing Eating Disorders with Laurie Glass

Author: Laurie Glass

Genre: Biography and Memoir, Self-Help

Books: A Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders, Bible Verses for Eating Disorder Recovery, Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery, Journaling in Eating Disorder Recovery, Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery

Course: Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course

Author and Counselor Laurie Glass provides Christian resources for eating disorder recovery and offers hope that such recovery is possible.

Addressing Eating Disorders

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Author Laurie Glass is a recovered anorexic with a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling and a gift for touching people with her words. She writes non-fiction and poetry with an emphasis on using her past experience with an eating disorder to encourage others who are going through similar struggles.

“I recovered from anorexia in 2003,” Laurie shared, “but that only happened after I was ready to ask for and accept God’s help. After that, He led me to create Christian resources for eating disorder recovery. I like to provide for others what I think would have helped me if it had been available at the time I was struggling.”

“I know the reason is different for each person, but if you don’t mind sharing, what drove you to your disordered eating behaviors?”

“I experienced some losses, and I didn’t know what was next in life. The future was blank. Everything felt out of control, so I turned to restricting my food intake in an attempt to control something. There were other factors, of course, and altogether, they made the perfect storm. But control was the most obvious issue to me at the time. I learned a lot about myself when I was recovering, and I share what helped me. I also learned more about God; I saw another side of Him, and I share that as well.”

“What side of Him did you see?”

“Certainly, God had always been patient with me. But through my eating disorder, I was overwhelmed by how patient, loving, and gracious He was with me. This caused me to see Him in a new light.”

Recovering from an eating disorder is no simple feat. The one who is suffering from it must reach a point to where they’re ready and willing to seek help.

“What drove you to finally seek help for your eating disorder?” I asked.

“I was tired of feeling sick and weak,” Laurie said. “I would let myself gain only up to a certain weight, then I’d lose it, and I became so tired of that cycle. Also, I didn’t want to see myself continuing to struggle with the eating disorder in the future. So, I didn’t have any dramatic turning point, but I had enough to help me start heading in the right direction.”

Writing these books wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen all at once. Instead, it was a gradual journey of growth and trust for Laurie.

“When I first felt the nudge to write about eating disorder recovery, I didn’t have the confidence to do it. The Lord gently nudged me along, and I believe He has spoken His message through me.”

According to various sites, at least 30 million people in the United States struggle with eating disorders of one variety or another. It’s clearly a widespread problem, and a very heartbreaking one.

The symptoms aren’t always obvious, and often the one with the disorder will do an excellent job hiding their problem. There are many, like Laurie, whose family and friends knew nothing about her eating disorder while she was going through it.

Eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, orthorexia, selective eating disorder, compulsive exercise, and other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED), among others.

“In your opinion and from your experience, what are some of the common factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders?” I asked.

“Body image issues, control, environment, and social pressure are some that stand out to me the most.”

Clearly, eating disorders aren’t just a physical problem. They affect much more than someone’s weight and physical health. Their impact stretches out to encompass the person’s relationships, education, and work.

“Some become disabled and can’t work,” Laurie shared. “Some have to drop out of college. Relationships with loved ones can suffer. An eating disorder can become all-consuming which can lead to a diminished quality of life overall.”

Laurie’s books and recovery course address the multi-faceted elements of these disorders by focusing on such themes as renewing the mind, learning healthy ways to deal with emotions, trusting God, facing fears, addressing the desire for control, and letting go of guilt and shame.

“What do you hope readers come away with after reading your books?” I asked.

“I hope they refresh the readers’ faith, encourage them to invite God’s power into their recovery experiences, give them hope that recovery is possible, and inspire them to stay the course.”

“What is the first thing you would tell someone who has, or knows someone who has, an eating disorder?”

“Recovery is possible. If you want to help someone who is struggling with an eating disorder, listen to what the person needs. Eating disorders are complicated and difficult for others to understand. By listening, one can learn what drives the individual to disordered eating behaviors, as well as what helps and what hinders the person’s recovery.”

Laurie’s most comprehensive resource is the Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course, which is packed with Scriptural principles, helpful insights, practical tips, and inspiration, as well as tools to apply the material to one’s recovery.

To learn more, check out some of Laurie’s books.

A Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story

During my six years with anorexia, I felt hopeless, controlled, and afraid. Angry with and distant from God, I also felt alone. Over time he drew me back to him, and I experienced his love and grace in a new way. He helped me change my thoughts, learn to express my emotions, increase my food intake, and more. I couldn’t have recovered without his help. This video tells more.

Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders

Find discussions and biblical teachings about common recovery issues, including body image, control, inner healing, fear, perfectionism, identity in Christ, emotions and more. Answer the journaling questions honestly. Be inspired by the poems, essays, and prayers and encouraged by the personal notes from me to you. Scroll down to read some reviews. Watch this video to find out more.

Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course By Laurie Glass

About the Course

Biblical Principles, Helpful Insights, and Practical Tips to Help You:

  • Replace the lies of the eating disorder voice with the truth
  • Learn healthy ways to deal with emotions
  • See your identity in Christ and allow God to play a greater role in your recovery
  • Develop a healthier perspective about food
  • Let go of guilt and shame
  • Deal with relapses and stay on track in recovery
  • Address the issue of control and face your fears
  • Use journaling in your recovery

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