Welcome Wednesday – Finding Connections with K. A. Thomsen

Author: K. A. Thomsen

Genre: YAFantasy and Middle Grade Fiction

Books: The Hidden Valley, Valley Unveiled, The Recipe, Orphan and Sorcerer (to be released September 2020)

Orphan and Sorcerer: Shayana runs away when she learns she is to be sacrificed to the Dark Lord to bring him back to rule in bodily form. #YA #Fantasy

Finding Connections

Interview by Jenny Fulton

K. A. Thomsen is an author, actor, and model based out of Vancouver, Canada. Her writing spans across several genres: art-themed articles, poems, travel stories, short stories, novellas, and novels. She’s a huge nature and animal lover and features one, or both, of these loves in everything she writes.

Thomsen is a huge J. R. R. Tolkien fan. It’s no wonder then, that her middle grade, young adult, and new adult novellas and novels reside in the genres of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Her latest book, Orphan and Sorcerer, is a Christian Fantasy that takes place in world similar to Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

The ideas for Orphan and Sorcerer began in a high school English class.

“I created Shayana, Froa (her snow leopard) and Desire (her unicorn) in an English 9 Exercise that asked me to create three characters that were larger than life,” shared Thomsen.

Along with receiving a good grade, Thomsen also obtained inspiration for a new fantasy novel.

“I had been wanting to do something with an untouchable legendary warrior princess who rides around in the forest, and a mount Olympus type holy place. In the end the world became more Biblical/Tolkienesque than Classical, but there are a few elements of Greek Mythology sprinkled in where one would least expect it. The race of Undelfe is a lot like the talking beasts of Naria, only they are mindspeakers and don’t talk aloud in human languages.”

Unlike many Tolkien-fan writers who first read his books and then create their world in a similar style, Thomsen imagined her world first, and then read his books.

“As the years stretched out, I ended up reading The Lord of the Rings and found that my ideal imagined world was a lot like his. I have set the Griffin’s Egg Trilogy in the Dark Ages though, so a little earlier than The Lord of the Rings books would have been in a similar world/timeline. I started reading a lot more of Tolkien’s work, as well as Patricia McKillip’s, to help with my world building.”

In addition to inspiration from other fantasy writers, Thomsen pulled from her own life experiences to help her craft the story.

“I was lonely a lot as a child and found that I often found it easier to connect with animals (my cat and horse) than my peers. I drew from my life story and faith walk in terms of Shayana’s character development.  Book two deals more with Rize, who is male.”

Writing this fantasy enabled Thomsen to better process her reality.

“It helped me come to terms with my own story of feeling rejected by those closest to me a few times in my life. It helped me realize that those times when life threw me flat on my face in hopeless despair, deep sadness or fear and anxiety were only a moment and a page in my book.”

Orphan and Sorcerer deals heavily with concepts of identity, stolen birthright, and betrayal by those closest to you. Some of the themes include finding family and friends outside of those you were born into, spiritual growth, and being stronger together than you are when you fight alone.

“I hope readers will have a renewed sense of appreciation for the Fantasy genre and how good it can really be,” Thomsen said. “There are many levels to it as it is deeply spiritual, as well as emotionally fulfilling and inspirational if done correctly.” 

K. A. Thomsen’s first two books, The Hidden Valley and The Hidden Valley Unveiled, are MG novellas which are available on Amazon. Orphan and Sorcerer will be there as well as soon as it releases. As a bonus to those interested, Thomsen said she may include a free prequel. 

Book Blurb for Orphan and Sorcerer

Shayana runs away when she learns she is to be sacrificed to the Dark Lord to bring him back to rule in bodily form. She must draw strength from unlikely friends and learn to steward emerging spiritual gifts in the hopes of overcoming the enemy.

Elsewhere, a dwarf and an elf begin the search for the Griffin’s Egg, a powerful, ancient artifact that could be the key to saving the lands of Hara-Ellel.

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Author K. A. Thomsen shares about her latest YA fantasy book, Orphan and Sorcerer on Heart-Soul-Mind.org

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