John Douglas Fulton

I am a husband, father, and a seeker of God with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Theology, Master of Science in Atmospheric Science, Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I currently manage software development teams but am also a student of the Bible’s original languages (Greek and Hebrew) and have completed in-depth studies of scripture using those tools.

Jenny Ann Fulton

I am a wife, mother, author, blogger, and freelance writer with a Bachelor of Science in Bible, a Bachelor of Science in elementary education, and an endorsement in K-12 ESL. After graduating from Grace University in 2007, I worked as a teacher in a variety of cultural and educational settings, both abroad and in the United States. I am a storyteller, a follower of Christ and a seeker of truth.

An enrolled member of the Navajo Nation, I grew up hearing stories from my dad about the supernatural workings on the Navajo Reservation. As a child, I collected angels and loved anything related to fairy tales.

My days are now mostly spent raising my three young daughters and writing as much as time and opportunity allows. My 9-year-old says I’m a Mommy Wizard because I take care of so many people. My super powers: I turn 5 hours of sleep into a full-day’s mommy work and turn coffee into books.

I am a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Faithwriters, and an article writer with Wholly Loved Ministries.

His Story

Who am I?  Well, in the simplest sense I am John Fulton – son of Jackie Fulton who was abandoned as a baby, and Patricia Fulton who was born the second on eight siblings (four boys and four girls).  I was the last of five, fourth boy, and second son to my father – a good man who went from being single to being married with four kids.  My mother has a story about how my name was chosen at the last second when she knew beyond a doubt she was having a boy and not the hoped-for girl. They named me John, which means Yahweh is Gracious.  

I am a Father of three girls.  I am a North Dakotan, proud of the beautiful land I grew up in.  I am an intellectual with a master’s degree in Atmospheric Science and two bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Meteorology.  I am a leader, a project manager at my work, founder of several software projects and a software team.  I am a pastor and teacher, longing to bring God’s presence to those who seek Him.

But ultimately these are worldly, self-ascribed epitaphs.  Who does God say I am?  Why did He make me?  Well, as I understand His words to me, I am a man who was made to help those who want to know Him better, know Him better.  I am also to be a man acquainted with sorrow.  So ultimately, I am a man seeking to help people know God better who will experience much sorrow over those who turn away, yet still strive on to help those who desire to know Him, know Him better.

Her Story 

I grew up in the small town of Quinter, Kansas (population 800). Throughout my youth, I had four dreams: to be a teacher, travel overseas, live in the Navajo Nation, and become an author. Even though I loved fantasy stories, I was very practically minded when it came to life, and I quickly realized that trying to be an author right off the bat would not provide me with a livable income. So, I focused my energy on obtaining the other three dreams. With visions of traveling and being immersed in other cultures, I left home after high school and… made it as far as Omaha, Nebraska.  OK, I hadn’t traveled very far yet, but Omaha did offer me plenty of diverse opportunities. During my years there, I worked with a Sudanese ministry and became involved with a Spanish-speaking church. I was also able to spend three months in Mexico, courtesy of the university’s ESL program.

In 2007, I graduated from Grace University with bachelor’s degrees in Bible and Elementary Education, and an endorsement in ESL. A couple of months later, my dream of seeing the world was realized when I moved to China to teach ESL at an International school. It was during this time that the third dream started to rear its creative head again. Due to the recommendation of a friend, I became a member of Faithwriters.com and began publishing my writing in something other than a newsletter.  In 2010, I moved back to the U.S. and taught for a year on the Navajo Reservation (dream #3: check).  At the end of that year, I moved to Albuquerque, tired and exhausted. With no energy left to pursue my own dreams, I cried out to God. “I’m tired. I have no dreams of my own left, so whatever you want for me, if you have a guy out there for me, I promise that I’ll try not to run away (that statement is a story in itself, but not one I’m going to go into at this time).”

Little did I know how quickly God would answer that prayer.

Our Story

It all began on a dark and stormy night… Actually, it wasn’t that dark, and there was only a 10% chance of rain in Albuquerque, NM (generally the equivalent of, “there’s no way its going to rain”).

I had only been in the city for about a month. In that time I had managed to secure a part-time position as an elementary teacher at Oak Grove Classical Academy, as well as a position as a substitute teacher for various charter schools in the area. I had an apartment and had been able to move most of my things to the city. There were, however, some possessions that I had been unable to move in my Cherokee Blazer — my bed being the most important. So, for that first month, I found myself diligently searching for someone with a pickup truck to help me move the last of my belongings from the reservation. Weeks went by and nobody I spoke to owned a pickup! I began to wonder what sort of alternate universe I was in that nobody owned, or knew anyone who owned a reliable pickup! Where I grew up, if your family didn’t own one, your neighbor did.

Anyway, about halfway through August, a new friend finally stepped up to help. After having first called a guy named John to request his help on my behalf, she then called me.

“Hello, Jenny?”


“Do you still need someone with a truck to help you move?”


“Well, I know a guy, he’s a great guy. He has a truck, he’s a really great guy. He said he can help you move, he’s a great guy. He’s 34 and single, he’s a great guy, but would that be too awkward?”

“I don’t care. I want my bed.”

And so, a week later, on a not so dark and supposedly not stormy night, John got his truck ready to go.  As he was getting ready to leave, he felt an urging to put his tarp in the truck bed.

“Nah,” he said.  It wasn’t supposed to rain.  There was no point in bringing it.

The urge came again.  And again.

Finally, not quite sure why he was doing so, John put the tarp in and made his way across town to meet some random woman who needed his help.

We met at my apartment complex at 6 pm and headed off to get my stuff, which, by the way, was located in a small town about an hour and a half away.

We barely made it onto the interstate when the not-so-stormy evening made a drastic change.  Where there once had been a dry, cloudy sky, there was now a thick and heavy downpour.  It rained.  And rained.  And rained.  And kept on raining.  At one point, the traffic on the interstate was at a standstill because of water that had flooded across the highway.  The rain continued all the way to our destination.  Then, it stopped long enough for us to load up my belongings.  We debated on whether or not to put the tarp over the mattress.  Surely, in New Mexico, it wouldn’t rain hard twice in the same area.  But, as there were no guarantees, we secured the tarp anyway and began the journey back.

We barely made it back onto the interstate when, you guessed it, another downpour.  This slowed our driving down significantly and it was midnight by the time we arrived back at my apartment.  A trip that should have only taken three hours had ended up taking six hours.

Of course, the longer trip had given us ample time to talk.  It was kind of like a blind date that you couldn’t escape from which was probably God’s intent all along. Fortunately, that blind date went well enough that we made plans to meet up again.  We officially started dating in October, got engaged in January, and married in June of 2012.

On June 21, 2013, our first baby girl, Chloe Ann Fulton arrived. I continued to teach at Oak Grove for the first year after she was born. At the end of that year, John and I made the decision for me to stay at home with our daughter rather than return to the classroom.

I had never been a stay-at-home person before and, for the sake of keeping my mind challenged, decided to look into the possibility of actually making some money at this writing thing. I applied for two positions and was hired for both. My writing journey had begun.

Now, almost six years later, I have written three books (one published, one in the editing stages, and one drafted), and have written for seven different clients. My family has also grown. We now have three little girls: Chloe Ann (5), Sophia Joy (2), and Selah Hope (4 months).