Children’s Picture Books

If you have young children in your life and enjoy reading books to them, check out some of these authors and their books.


Auralee Arkinsly; Article: Writing with the Seriousness of Humor; Books: Darling Hedgehog Goes Down a Foxhole

Christina Myers; Article: Challenging Preconceived Notions; Book: The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Eat Cheesecake

Debra Marsh Brand; Article: Happy Tails with Debra Marsh Brand; Book: Happy Tails to You (until we read again)

Jenny Fulton; Book: Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye

Little Lamb Books; Article: A Legacy of Faith; Books: The Bubble Who Would Not POP!

Penny Reeve; Article: The Power and Fun of Story; Books: The Other Brother, Wonderfully Madison, Fearlessly Madison, Can God See Me?, Find the Animal Books

Shannon L. Mokry; Article: Celebrating Differences; Books: The Little Blue Flamingo, The Little Pink Elephant, The Little Purple Porcupine, The Little Yellow Llama, The Little Donkey

Tim Parsons; Article: Insights into the Lives of Paramedics with Tim Parsons; Books: Paramedic Chris, A Helping Hand, A Sorry Bully


Annette Whipple; Article: Indulging Curiosity; Books: Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls, Woof! The Truth About Dogs, Scurry! The Truth About Spiders, The Laura Engalls Wilder Companion: A Chapter-by-Chapter Guide

Tope Umah; Article: Spiritual ABC’s; Book: ABC the Bible Way