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~Rachel Pellegrino, ~Robb Hiller, ~Sara Money

Rachel Pellegrino

Publisher: Little Lamb Books

Genre: Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult

Best Seller: The Bubble Who Would Not POP! Written by Shelly Roark, Illustrated by Simone Krüger.

Heart-Soul-Mind Article: A Legacy of Faith

About the Author:

Rachel Pellegrino is the owner and publisher of Little Lamb Books, an award-winning publisher of children’s books. Launched in 2015, Little Lamb Books has produced almost a dozen titles, many of which have won national awards. Rachel is passionate about collaborating with fellow publishers as well as empowering authors to be successful. Based in Texas, Rachel talks with her hands, offers individual author coaching, prefers Pepsi to coffee, and has a growing plush lamb collection much to her daughter’s delight.

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Robb Hiller

Genre: Memoir, Self-Help

Books: The Power of 3, Stop Barking and Start Leading

Heart-Soul-Mind Article: Overcoming Obstacles

About the Author:

Robb Hiller is CEO of Performance Solutions MN. He is nationally known for his expertise in talent selection and executive coaching and has consulted with hundreds of high-tech and medical device companies, including several Fortune 1000 companies. He was recently awarded the Bill J. Bonnstetter Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive work in evaluating talent, assessing more than 24,000 people within the past 25 years. He and his wife have three adult children and live in Minnesota.

“I love helping companies and leaders improve their results. I founded Performance SolutionsMN Inc. 18 years ago having been a CEO for 8 years prior. Business building all starts with ‘putting the right talent in the right job the first time!’ When people don’t really know their God given talents, you have the problems of employee disengagement, lack of their own purpose let alone the companies, there is a lack of personal accountability and it is tough to coach results when a person isn’t using their God given talents to their fullest.”

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Sara Money

Genre: Christian Living, Educational Curriculum

Books/Curriculum: Money and Me (4 versions)

Heart-Soul-Mind Article: Welcome Wednesday: Money and Me — Who Would Have Thought?

About the Author:

Sara Money is an expert in providing a financial literacy education system for organizations who are inspired to help people who are living in survival mode (i.e. paycheck to paycheck).

  • Author of eleven books on financial literacy
  • MA in Counseling, 1998, Webster University
  • BA in Psychology and Communication, 1992, University of New Mexico (UNM)
  • Counselor, APS (Albuquerque Public Schools)
  • City Coordinator for DVULI (DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative)
  • Executive Director, Love INC (In the Name of Christ) of Albuquerque
  • Clearinghouse Director, Love INC (In the Name of Christ) of Albuquerque
  • Counselor and Residential Advisor, Job Corps
  • Income Support Specialist, New Mexico Human Services Department
  • Volunteer, Rape Crisis Center, Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, UNM Agora Crisis Center

And…in case you were wondering, Sara Money is her real name.  She was born with it!

Sara Money es una experta y diseñadora de un sistema de educacion financiera para organizaciones que quieren ayudar a personas a mejorar su situacion financiera (ejemplo: que viven de cheque a cheque).

  • Autora de once libros sobre Educación Financiera
  • Maestría en Consejeria, 1998,Universidad Webster
  • Licenciatura en Psicología y Comunicaciones, 1992, Universidad de Nuevo México (UNM)
  • Consejera, Escuelas Públicas de Albuquerque
  • Coordinadora de Iniciativa y Liderazgo Urbano (DVULI)
  • Directora Ejecutiva, Love INC (Amor en el Nombre de Cristo) de Albuquerque
  • Directora de Centro de Llamadas, Love INC (Amor en el Nombre de Cristo) de Albuquerque
  • Consejera y Asesora, Job Corps
  • Especialista en la División de Ingresos, Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Nuevo Mexico
  • Voluntaria, Centro de Crisis para víctimas de Abuso sexual, Centro Agora de UNM

Y en caso de que se pregunte, si Sara Money es su nombre real. Así es, es su nombre de nacimiento.

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