Lil’ Kingdom Sisters Picture Books

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

About the Book:

How do you explain death and heaven to a child?

Princess Lillian is taken to the hospital to visit her dying grandpa. She’s scared of the noises and machines in the room and uncertain of the man in the strange bed. God knows how she’s feeling and sends an angel who stays close by to give comfort and communicate God’s peace and wisdom to Lillian and her family. 

Grandpa says his best friend, the Great King Above the Nations, is coming to take him to his forever home. But what does that mean?

Using the language of her pretend princess world, Lillian’s parents help her understand that Grandpa is getting ready to go to heaven and be with God.

This story looks at grief and the passing of a loved one through the eyes and ears of a half native American Indian child named Lillian. It can be used to instill a sense of comfort, victory, or encouragement to individuals who are facing the death of a loved one or want to explain the concept to the children in their lives.

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