Presenting the Fantasy authors who have shared their words and their worlds on this site. Check out the following for some new and interesting reads.

Andrea Marino; Article: Electa – Because Everyone Hobbles; Book: The Hobble, from Ai to Bethel

Anne C. Miles; Article: Art, Music, and Conspiracies; Book: Sorrowfish

Beth Alvarez: Article: Venturing Out with Beth Alvarez; Books: To Steal the World, To Steal the Crown

Erin Winters; Article: The Cost of Humanity; Book: The Cost of Humanity

Ian Wilson; Article: Reaching for More (Interview with Ian Wilson); Book: Legend of the Sword Bearer

Jenelle Schmidt; Article: Finding Spiritual Truth Through Fantasy; Books: King’s Warrior, Second Son, Yorien’s Hand, Minstrel’s Call

M. J. Padgett; Article: Hope in the Darkness; Book: Eiagan’s Winter

Michelle Levigne; Article: Appreciating the Fun and Wonder of Life; Books: Confessions of a Lost Kid, Semi-Pseudo-Superheroes, Virtually London

William David Ellis; Article: Writing to Encourage with William David Ellis; Books: Dragons and Romans, The Harry Ferguson Chronicles: The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful, Dances with My Dragon, Kisses of my Enemy