Welcome Wednesday – Writing to Encourage with William David Ellis

Author: William David Ellis

Genre: Fantasy


Standalone: Dragons and Romans (B.R.A.G. Medallion Winner)

Series: The Harry Ferguson Chronicles

  1. The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful (reached #1 in Christian Fantasy on Amazon a couple of months ago, winner of the Readers Favorite 5 Star Review)
  2. Dances with My Dragon
  3. Kisses of my Enemy (new release; published January 18, 2020)
  4. Rivals (currently being drafted)
  5. TBD

The Harry Ferguson Chronicles: A mysterious little girl changes everything, a dragon comes to East Texas, and an Old man rises to a glory he never thought he’d know again, all because he was coerced into telling little kids a story.

Writing to Encourage

Interview by Jenny Fulton

“If your heart is right, your head will get there eventually.” – David Ellis

Fantasy author William David Ellis is a farmer, a preacher, a husband, a father, and an award-winning storyteller from east Texas. He writes from a desire to offer value and hope to the reader. In addition to encouraging the reader through the lives and lessons of the characters, these books also address some theological concepts that are woven throughout the story.

“I don’t come up with anything on my own,” he told me. “I just look at what’s in the Bible and pull from there.”

I had the opportunity to speak with David over Skype, and one of the first things I noticed was the strength and tenderness of his heart. This aspect of his character came out in full force as he shared about the inspiration behind his stories.

“There was a friend – a young woman,” he said. “I helped lead her to Christ, but afterward, she was having a hard time. You know, just because you become a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t struggle. She struggled with self-esteem. She forgot who she was and how many people she encouraged.”

I was struck by David’s deep care for this girl and for others who struggle in like manner. People leave an irreplaceable mark on us, and for writers, their impact often flows out into our stores.

“What other life experiences do you pull from?” I asked.

“My characters are not that fictional. They are based on people I know. It is much easier to copy a personality than to invent one.”

Some of the real people who show up in the stories are Steve – David’s highly intelligent, down-to-earth best friend who is the template for Sasquatch; and Jamie – a very personable waitress and the owner of Jamie’s café in Edom, Texas who, along with her husband, shows up in books 1 and 2 of the Harry Ferguson Chronicles.

“I also use the names of lots of my friends’ kids. They love to see their names show up in print.” David chuckled and his eyes lit up at the mention of some of his favorite people.

“What are some of the themes that show up in your books?”

“Probably unconsciously, that life is hard, good people suffer, but the North Star [the God-figure] keeps His promises.”

Another idea that shows up is that of miracles.

“Miracles give us opportunity to visit the spectacular,” David said. “I don’t think God is done working.”

I thought about the all the headlines I’ve seen lately, the people I’ve talked to, and the current status of our day-to-day life. “What would the North Star say to us today in the midst of all the hardship and suffering surrounding the Coronavirus?”

It didn’t take David long to answer. “He would say that the last thing a grape sees before it becomes new wine is a knot hole it can’t get through.”

Stepping out of this interview for a moment, I’m going to admit that I had to ask for more of an explanation. However, I’ll give you, oh reader of this post, the benefit of the doubt that you understand it and would love to see your thoughts on the North Star’s promise in the comments below.

Back to the interview, I next wanted to know what David hopes people will come away with after reading his books.

“I hope they like it and are sad when it ends,” he said. “I love it when they tell me they stayed up all night reading. I want them to be encouraged by the idea that if the characters can overcome it, they can overcome it too. I hope they realize there is more to life than self-gratification. The heroes and heroines of my books reflect the best in human nature in spite of their flaws. Like the characters, we can also rise above those flaws.”

One final question.

“How has writing these books changed or impacted you?” I asked.

His answer: “I realized how undisciplined I was and how vulnerable to praise. I realized how much I had to learn. The craft of writing and marketing has an extremely steep curve. I realized I love to write. I write to see how the story unfolds.”

How will our story unfold? Who will we have the opportunity to encourage as we go about our day?

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Purchase the Books

Dragons and Romans by [William David Ellis]

Book Blurb for Dragons and Romans

In ancient battle-scarred North Africa, the Carthaginians and Romans are locked in a mortal struggle.

Only one will survive.

Asdrubal, priest of Carthage’s demon god Baal, sacrifices hundreds of innocents in order to release a fallen angel and resurrect an ancient and powerful dragon that hungers for the Roman army’s flesh.

Meanwhile, Miriam a prophetess slave girl, defies her master to protect her child from the sacrificial flames. Rescued by a Roman team, Miriam uses her healing arts and her heart skills to help Regulus, General of the Roman Legion, who was terribly burned battling the dragon.

Regulus didn’t believe in dragons until he fought one, or spirits, till he met one. But he quickly learns earthly battles are fought in one realm and spiritual battles in another, and they are both treacherous. Now Regulus has a horrible decision to make, will he sacrifice his life, his legion and his love to save Rome?

“Captivating, challenging and most of all a book that makes you want to come back and see what’s next.”

Book Blurb for the Harry Ferguson Chronicles

It started as a story…

…but a mysterious little girl changed everything.

Now, a dragon has come to East Texas and they need a hero.

An Old man rises to a glory he never thought he’d know again, and all because he was coerced into telling little kids a story.

A young boy, a princess, a talking sword and an evil dragon captivate snaggled-tooth munchkins…

Then the old man starts to feel it.

Something has risen from his past and its coming for him and the people he loves.

You’ll love this first book because of the twists, turns, and even the cliff hanger ending. It will start you on a path that leads to happiness with frequent stops for humor.

You won’t be able to put it down.

If you enjoy Christian Fantasy, this book is for you.

Get it now.

Book Blurb for The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful

Harry Ferguson has a problem. Dragons have blown into his sleepy East Texas town. And it’s all his fault. Now here’s what happened…

A medieval peasant boy Harry Ferguson, along with the love of his life, Princess Sarah, is thrown through time and spat out a thousand years into the future. He lands in a small town in rural Texas. But that’s just the beginning of his troubles.

Not only are Harry and Sarah far from when they were, Harry is now an old man. Perhaps even worse, Sarah has become a six-year-old girl with no memory of their past, and the dragon that has vowed to kill him has followed them down through time and wants Sarah as his bride. One thing is for certain, Moab, Texas, will never be the same again.

The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful is a spellbinding tale full of twists and turns, tears and laughter. From time-travel to a hidden princess and a demonized dragon, each page pulls the reader ever further into this heroic tale. This is the first book of Ellis’s Harry Ferguson Chronicles. If you like love stories, shape-shifting dragons, men with integrity, and women who will fight beside and for their men, you are going to love this series.

Warning: “Princess” ends in a cliff hanger! contains strong male characters who are faithful, clean, romantic content, strong female characters who love their men and fight and die side by side with them, gut-busting laughter, East Texans with PhDs—they talk funny but are smart—shape-shifting dragons that pray, country Texans cast in a balanced light who cuss, pray, and fight for each other, children at risk of demonic rituals, angels in overalls, grandpas that spoil their granddaughters, sword violence, old pickup trucks, and coming in future books in the series, but not yet, sentient dogs.

Book Blurb for Dances with My Dragon

Harry Ferguson is a time-traveling warrior in love with a shape-shifting Dragon Princess. He has waited for her for centuries. He lives in East Texas drives an old pickup truck and just discovered the love of his life has been shipwrecked in his small town. Only now she inhabits the body of a six-year-old who has forgotten who she was.

When Harry is finally reunited with Sarah, and she is restored to her adult body, he’s barely able to bask in her glow before she’s ripped from his embrace, by a horrible revelation…

Harry is confronted with the news that he has a child with a woman he has never known, and he is desperate for answers. Sarah is devasted when she hears Harry may have a child with another woman. And not just any woman, but a witch! Worse yet is that when Harry is tossed backward in the time stream, he must choose to be with the witch again or else Harry’s beloved daughter will never exist.

Decisions they’re forced to make rip them even farther apart…

Harry has to prevent the Nazi’s from conjuring an ancient demon, while Sarah helps a handsome Berber King who is also a dragon shifter fight off the desert hordes who have vowed to destroy his people. While Sarah is mentored by the woeful Berber King, Harry asks Belle Rodum a beautiful descendant of the Nephilim and the enemy sworn to stop him, to dinner.

It gets worse. Sarah starts to fall for her teacher, and though still much in love with Harry, realizes her Berber king is a wonderful man and needs her great dragon strength to defend his people.

As their lives unfold on different continents, in different ages, fighting different battles, Harry and Sarah long for a love that was timeless and the life that should have been as they’re forced lay down their lives and love for others.

The second book in the Harry Ferguson Chronicles this book like its predecessor has twists at every turn and will keep readers up at night, red-eyed and caffeine braced racing through this epic fantasy. Warning: This series is a saga and while loose ends are tied up, it isn’t over until it’s over.

Book Blurb for Kisses of My Enemy

Belle Rodum loves Harry but she’s got to kill him.

So… what happens when a witch who has never encountered a man she couldn’t seduce or kill, falls for a Dragon Rider she has to destroy?

Sarah Linscomb, a shape-shifting dragoness, loves Harry. She visits him in her dreams. But Sarah is a thousand years away, and a magnificent Berber king fighting for the survival of his people needs her. His people need her, but what does she need? Did I mention Harry is a time traveler?

Nazis are conjuring a demon to infuse their soldiers with its power. Belle is charged with protecting it. And Harry has to destroy it. Everybody is doing the right thing, and no one is happy about it!

This is the third book in the Harry Ferguson Chronicles…Get it now!


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