I write articles for iBelieve on behalf of Wholly Loved Ministries.

Victory in Christ over Sin and Death

March 6, 2023. “Two of the biggest enemies we face in this world are sin and death. They are everywhere and have been around since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2-3). Everybody sins. Everybody dies… But sin and death are not undefeatable forces. Our God is a God of hope, goodness, and life. In Christ, we can have victory over sin and death.”

Victory in Christ over Physical Enemies

Feb. 3, 2023. “With the existence of so much evil in the world, and the potential for so many enemies to hurt us, how does God give us victory? From what I’ve seen in the Bible and in my life, God may do so by protecting us from them or bringing something good from their harm. He always executes His justice and enables us to love and forgive them as he does. And sometimes, he changes their hearts as much as he changes ours.”

Victory in Christ over Fear

Feb. 2, 2023. “Everyone experiences fear. It can cause us to freeze up or react more passionately than we desire… Every fear gives us a choice: will we pull back from God or draw closer to Him?”

Victory in Christ over Hard Things

Nov. 14, 2022. “Trials and tribulations don’t generally make us think of joy and exaltation. We know life is hard. Yet the Bible tells us to expect trials and tribulations and to rejoice in them, especially when we choose to follow Christ. Some difficulties include waiting on God’s timing, willingly facing discomfort, performing out of our weaknesses, and experiencing pain. Scripture also promises that if we persevere, God will give us victory in Christ over life’s challenges.”

Victory In Christ over Spiritual Enemies

Oct. 20, 2022. “From Genesis to Revelation, we see evidence that while God and His angels are actively working for our good, there are also adverse spiritual forces fervently seeking our destruction. These evil unseen beings are God’s enemies and ours.”

Managing Conflict with the Armor of God

Aug. 9, 2022. “While most of us would prefer to avoid unpleasant confrontations, we can manage conflicts in a healthy way with the Armor of God.”

Experiencing God through Suffering

July 26, 2022. “It’s easy to feel connected to God when things are good: when we’re happy and can see and feel His blessings and goodness in our lives. But although we may feel He has abandoned us when bad things happen, we can experience God in powerful ways through our suffering.”

What is the Christian Stance on Roe v. Wade?

June 22, 2022. “What is the Christian stance on Roe v. Wade? According to Scripture, how does God view this issue?”

What Should We Know about Mormon Sacrament Prayers?

Oct. 1, 2021. “On the surface, the Mormon Sacrament Prayers sound like prayers you might hear in a Christian Church. After all, Christians and Mormons use much of the same terminology and follow some of the same practices. However, the meaning and implications of their terms are vastly different.”

What is the Shema Prayer?

Sept. 14, 2021. “Many believers are familiar with The Lord’s Prayer and several have heard of the Nicean Creed that summarizes the basic Christian beliefs. But what is the Shema Prayer?”

Who was Jehoiakim and What Can We Learn from Him?

Aug. 11, 2021. “At first glance, Jehoiakim seems like every other random king in the long, anecdotal list of kings with difficult-to-pronounce names. But if we dig a little deeper, we discover there are significant lessons we can learn from this man’s life and God’s dealings with him.”