Christian Living

If you’re looking for some inspiring, challenging, and life-changing books on how to better live this life we’ve been given, check out some of the following.

Courtney Reissig; Article: Teach Me to Feel with Courtney Reissig; Books: The Accidental Feminist, Glory in the Ordinary

Laura Bartnick; Article: Honoring God-Given Creativity; Book: Welcome to the Shivoo!

Nick and Laura Mendenhall; Article: Love Fast Live Slow with Nick and Laura; Book: Love Fast Live Slow

Sara Money; Article: Money and Me — Who Would Have Thought? Curriculum: Money and Me

Tammy Melton, LPC; Article: Refining Relationships with Tammy Melton; Books: Loving God with all five senses, Refining Relationships with God, self, and others