Self Help

If you’re looking for some inspiring, practical, and life-changing books on how to recover and improve in problem areas, check out some of the following.

Topic: Eating Disorders; Author: Laurie Glass; Article: Addressing Eating Disorders with Laurie Glass; Books and Course: A Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders, Bible Verses for Eating Disorder Recovery, Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery, Journaling in Eating Disorder Recovery, Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery, Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course

Topic: Finances; Author: Sara Money; Article: Money and Me — Who Would Have Thought? Curriculum: Money and Me

Topic: Overcoming Obstacles; Author: Robb Hiller; Article: Overcoming Obstacles; Books: The Power of 3, Stop Barking and Start Leading