Biography and Memoir

If you’re looking for some inspiring true stories centered around a specific topic, check out these authors and their books.

Topic: Adoption; Author: Angie K. Elliston; Article: Addressing the Struggles of Adoption; Book: Phoenix Bound

Topic: Caregiving; Author: Lynn Byk; Article: A Caregiver’s Saga; Book: Mister B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist

Topic: Eating Disorders; Author: Laurie Glass; Article: Addressing Eating Disorders with Laurie Glass; Books and Course: A Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story

Topic: Overcoming Obstacles; Author: Robb Hiller; Article: Overcoming Obstacles; Books: The Power of 3, Stop Barking and Start Leading

Topic: Parenting, Humor; Author: Debbie Roppolo; Article: “Stuff Happens”; Book: The Toilet’s Overflowing and the Dog’s Wearing my Underwear

Topic: Special Needs; Author: Lucy Goncalves; Article: From Vulnerability to Strength; Book: Able Soul: Empowering God’s Spirit Within

Topic: Triathlons; Author: K.A. Wypych; Article: K. A. Wypych Presents How Physical Lessons Can Translate to Spiritual Gains; Book: Ten Iron Principles