Welcome Wednesday: Overcoming Obstacles with Robb Hiller

Author: Robb Hiller

Genre: Memoir, Self-Help

Books: The Power of 3, Stop Barking and Start Leading

Overcome obstacles in your life, find your unique purpose, and achieve more through The Power of 3. #overcoming #newrelease

Overcoming Obstacles

Interview by Jenny Fulton

What would you do if you suddenly learned you had three incurable cancers running rampant through your body? How would you even begin to process that information? Where would you find the strength and determination to fight it?

How do we face obstacles, both large and small, whether it be a lousy boss, a rough relationship, financial hardships, or the loss of a loved one?

In his book, The Power of 3, Robb Hiller, a nationally recognized executive coach and consultant, describes how God helped him face and overcome that first-mentioned obstacle. He also shows how the method he used can be applied to the many other trials we experience in life.

Robb’s joint experiences of being a consultant and overcoming cancer, joined with his passion for helping others, prompted Hiller to write his story.

“I’d written another book before, but the cancer experience drove the desire to write and share my struggles with others.”

I came across Robb when he was just beginning the process of writing his story and was investigating which publishing route to take.

For those interested in knowing how our connection began, he posted a job on Upwork stating that he was looking for someone to help him edit his memoir. I applied for the position, offered feedback on a small section he sent me, and was soon after hired on to assist him.

Through our various conversations, I was pleased and impressed to discover that, although he was obviously successful in his own right, he humbly sought out input from anyone who had something to offer. He longed to encourage others who were going through difficult times but wasn’t sure if there was an audience for his story. Still, he pushed on and pursued every lead he had, determined to see his book through to the end.

“Memoirs can be a hard sell. What motivated you to keep pushing down the publishing path?” I recently asked him. 

“It was up to the Lord,” he said. “If the industry professionals didn’t think it was a story for the masses, I would have just done a small run being self-published and left it at that.”

As it turned out, Tyndale House Publishers saw the need and the audience for Robb’s story.

“How did your life change as a result of your experiences, both with cancer and with the publishing process? What did you learn?” I asked.

“The cancer made me grateful for every day I’ve been given, and writing the book made me better as a person. The message of what I have taught for 25 years became more concise as I shared my own experiences with applying it and seeing the results that came. Clarity always comes from writing and the message has been inspirational for those who have read it.”

I can certainly understand and agree with those elements of writing.

As for Robb’s message, it utilizes the concept of a triangle, the strongest and most stable geometric shape. In a physical sense, engineers use triangles to design bridges and hold our homes together. In a spiritual sense, triangles can be seen throughout the Bible in the Trinity and various other relationships. With this shape, any pressure that comes against one area is equally shared by the others. Every part of a triangle adds strength and structure to the other parts.

In The Power of 3, Robb uses the triangular structure to show how, with God’s help, he used the principles of ask, activate, and advocate to help him through his challenges, and leads the reader to discover how they can use these steps to guide them through their own struggles.  

“What do you hope readers come away with after reading your book?” I asked.

“I hope they will discover this simple but proven method for dealing with adversity, since it helps us grow through it and can enable us to avoid the pitfalls when we make poor decisions out of frustration.”

“Who is your book geared toward? Who do you think will benefit the most from reading it?”

“Anyone who is going thru adversity and wants to discover a proven way to overcome it,” he responded. “We all face challenges, both large, like mine, and small, like a tough job situation, health, a kid who is acting up, a poor relationship, and so many more.  The Power of 3 can help anyone.”

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the blurb and links below. The book is published by Tyndale and can also be found on Amazon.  If you want to take a Quiz-Assessment, go to www.robbhiller.com

Book Blurb for The Power of 3

Groundbreaking advice from one of the nation’s foremost executive coaches to help you overcome obstacles in your life, find your unique purpose, and achieve more.
When faced with adversity, a major decision, or simply the challenges of daily existence, whether it is a difficult boss, a child who is hard to control, or a marriage or career that appears to be stuck, most of us have habitual knee-jerk reactions that hold us back. We find ourselves asking, Why am I working so hard but don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Why do I keep fighting the same battles? When did I lose passion for what I do?

Everyone has those questions, and in this book, Robb Hiller unveils the coaching that he has given Fortune 500 executives to answer these same questions. His counsel is encapsulated in a three-fold principle: ask, activate, and advocate. Robb is passionate about teaching these principles because they helped him face the biggest challenge of his life: a devastating cancer diagnosis. In this book, you won’t just discover these principles—you will learn from Robb how to practice them in your daily routines and unleash your passion and purpose, no matter what hurdle you currently face.

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  1. I am now eager to read this book. “The Power of 3” has got to be cheaper than consulting a therapist!!! Seriously, I can always gain from a survivor’s advice. I love the fact that he utilizes the concept of a triangle… my favorite shape! Thanks for introducing me to Robb Hiller.

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