Welcome Wednesday: Celebrating Differences with Shannon L. Mokry

Author: Shannon L. Mokry

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Books: The Little Blue Flamingo, The Little Pink Elephant, The Little Purple Porcupine, The Little Yellow Llama, The Little Donkey

The Little Blue Flamingo is sweet picture book that tackles a BIG question. “Why am I different?” Throughout the story, the flamingo learns that  NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT, YOU ARE LOVED AND LOVEABLE! #PictureBook #NewRelease

Celebrating Differences

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Shannon L. Mokry is a children’s picture book and middle grade fantasy author with a passion for teaching valuable lessons in a fun and whimsical way.

“I try to write about things that, as a parent, I think are important messages for kids to hear,” Shannon shared. “For example, I have a book that talks about forgiveness and conflict. Some of the themes that run through each of my stories include showing love and kindness, and not giving into negative peer pressure or negative thoughts.”

Her new release, The Little Blue Flamingo, teaches children that although they may be different, they are each special, beautiful, and very loved.

The inspiration for this book spring boarded off of an idea that Shannon didn’t feel she was the best fit to write.

“A few years ago, I was asked to write an adoption book, but I have no personal experience with adoption.  So, I looked for and found something I could relate to – the feeling of being different.  Growing up I often felt I didn’t fit in and wanted to know why. This is an issue that makes many kids feel like a blue flamingo in a flock of pink flamingos, whether that difference is visible like my blue flamingo or internally. These kids often look for something they did that caused their differences. Why am I sick? Why am I different? Why?

“However, parents don’t always have an answer for the ‘why.’ Ultimately, I discovered that the why isn’t as important as how we love. My book is meant to assure children and parents that its okay to not have a ‘why.’ Instead, they can rest assured that they are still loved and lovable. While this isn’t an adoption story, it is a story I felt needed to be told.”

“How did writing this book change or impact you?” I asked.

“It really reminded me that we are each on a journey. Although those journeys may look different on the outside, they are often the same on the inside.

“What do you hope readers come away with after reading your book?”

“A feeling of empathy for each other, and relief from the nagging guilt of not having an answer, or of thinking it’s somehow someone’s fault.”

The Little Blue Flamingo is part of a series of distinctively colored animals that is meant to encourage children and parents to love their uniqueness.

“Originally I had children with Autism in mind but chose to write the story in such a way that each child and parent could see their own situation. I truly hope these books help relieve some anxiety in parents concerning those “extra special” kiddo’s and remind everyone that different isn’t bad, it’s just different.”

Book Blurb for The Little Blue Flamingo

The little blue flamingo is different from all the rest of the flamingos. This leads to some BIG questions.


Why is she different?

Was it something she did?

Can she change it?

With her mama’s help, she understands that it isn’t her fault that she is different. She is special and beautiful in her own way.

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