Welcome Wednesday: Spiritual ABC’s with Tope Umah

Author: Tope Umah

Genre: Children’s Picture Books

Book: ABC the Bible Way

ABC the Bible Way: a stimulating Christian book that engages, teaches and provides spiritual enrichment by inviting children to ride on the adventures of ancient biblical stories and discover how the things they relate with on a daily basis can be found in the Bible. #PB #Bible

Spiritual ABC’s

Interview by Jenny Fulton

About Tope

Tope Umah is a full-time clinical research nurse coordinator, wife, and mother who loves to cheer people on. She is also the author of the non-fiction picture book, ABC the Bible Way.


ABC the Bible Way was inspired by Tope’s first son, Toro.

“Since my pregnancy, I have always thought of different ways I could teach my son about Jesus. After giving birth in 2017, I delved into reading many Christian children books and that led to the birth of ‘ABC the Bible Way.’”

Childhood Inspiration

“I have always wanted better for my children than I had. Growing up I did not have personal relationship with God and didn’t want that for my children. I was inspired by the passion to have children build a relationship with God at an early age.”


“How did writing this book help you develop on a personal and professional level?”

“The whole writing journey positively impacted me as it made me get out of my comfort zone and has strengthened my communication skills.”


Alphabets generally represent something children can easily relate to. Tope makes use of this familiarity to teach them applicable Bibles stories that point to God.

“I hope ABC the Bible Way inspires kids to want to learn more about God.”


Check out Tope’s website, www.lamplitbooks.com, for free lesson plans and coloring pages.

Get the Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LRM5KFC/

Here’s the Book Blurb

Do you sometimes wonder how you can break down the Bible to make it relatable to your little ones? ABC the Bible Way does just that. Children get to ride on the adventures of ancient biblical stories and find out how the very things they relate with on daily basis can be found in the Bible. Knowing this, enables children to seek God first when faced with challenges as they are aware that the Bible is also for children and every of their needs.

Let us equip our children with the most needed guide to navigate our world today, by starting off with this story which captures the heart of little children as they learn the alphabet.

Interested in connecting with Tope?

Check out and follow her at the sites listed below.



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