Welcome Wednesday – Happy Tails with Debra Marsh Brand

Author: Debra Marsh Brand

Book: Happy Tails to You (until we read again)

Genre: Children’s Picture Books

About the Book, Happy Tails To You: Four fun animals experience drama at the beach, summer camp, the fair, and at sea.  #HappyTails  #adventure #drama #laughter

Developing the Tales:

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Debra Marsh Brand loves to write fictional stories based upon scriptural insights and her life experiences. Her book, Happy Tails to You, is comprised of four short animal adventures which express her love for, and interactions with, some of God’s creatures.

“What inspired you to write this book?” I asked.

“I am a member of Faithwriters,” she said. “They have weekly challenges based upon a word prompt. The first two story word prompts were ‘beach’ and ‘camping’. I let my imagination carry me away and ‘The Seaside Sentinel’ and ‘Camp Demolition’ were birthed. The third chapter, ‘Excursion Express’ came about when we had mice in our glove compartment, and I wondered if the mice ever dropped out when I drove around town. Lastly, ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ was a quick writing at a writer’s conference. Writing this book has enabled me to believe in myself as a writer. It has challenged me to continue my efforts to communicate my heart and also give glory to God.”

Debra hopes these books will give people a sense of joy and laughter as they learn about the unique characteristics of different animals and connect to some of the human desires displayed in and through the creatures.

Book Blurb:

If animals had adventure stories, what would they be? Is there drama in a hermit crab’s life? Is camping safe? Ever wonder where mice go when they hide in your glove compartment? What would two talking parrots say to each other? These are stories sure to spark the imagination of the reader and listener.

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