Princess Lillian Blog Tour and Book Signing

Hey Everyone,

A bunch of exciting things have been happening book-wise and I wanted to fill you in on some of my latest publishing news. See below for information on my blog tour and an upcoming book signing.

First of all, if you haven’t already seen, I PUBLISHED A BOOK! It’s called Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye.

After it was released, I was honored to be featured on several blogs. Some were reviews, some were interviews, and a few were articles. Check out the list below and click on some of the links to learn more about me, my book, and my thoughts on such topics as the Gospel and cultural diversity, perspectives on death, and the impact of storytelling.

Full List of Blog Posts

March 10: Book review by Grief Blogger, Kristin Bauslaugh


Excerpt: “I absolutely love this book and am so thankful that our Great King put this story in Jenny Fulton’s heart to share. She and illustrator Indra Grace Hunter render a child’s perspective of a new and unnerving experience with truth and imagery to soothe and encourage our souls…”

March 17: sharing creativity is to grow in his gifts


Excerpt: “Has God ever asked you to make a personal gifting or a private hobby public? In many ways, this is a terrifying transition for a creative person. Before, creating something provided an inner joy; the only critic was yourself or the Gift Giver…”

April 5: God is the Author of Creativity and Beauty


Excerpt: “I grew up surrounded by family members who enjoyed various forms of artistic expression. My grandma Morya is a painter. For the longest time, their basement was her studio. Every visit was an art show….”

April 7: The impact of a native american heritage


Excerpt: “I was born Jenny Ann Litfin. I’m a quarter Navajo; a white Navajo; a mutt. From as early as I can remember, I have loved the fact that the blood of this people runs through my veins…”

April 9:  Podcast: how author Jenny fulton brings encouragement and healing from writing


About: A podcast about my journey to publication.

April 12: walking through the seasons of writing


Excerpt: “Like much else in life, my writing journey has gone through seasons. These seasons have often correlated with my personal life…”

April 14: the power of the story


Excerpt: “The class was mostly quiet as the history teacher droned out facts and wrote key notes on the board. Pencils scratched here and there as some of the students half-heartedly copied down the information…”

April 15: interview by Crystal bowman


Excerpt: “Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye is an intimate celebration of a loved one’s passing as a family says good-bye to a man eager to meet his best friend, the King Above All Nations…”

April 15: Interview with Lena dooley


Excerpt: “Welcome, Jenny. What has drawn you to writing for children?…”

April 19: interview with Christina Myers


Excerpt: “Jenny, can you share about your love of the Navajo people and about your Navajo heritage?”

April 19: inspiration from the what-ifs and other questions

Link: https://catherinecastle1.wordp…

Excerpt: “One of my favorite activities in grade school was when the teacher had us take various parts of different animals and put them together to create a new animal. Although I wasn’t good at drawing, I loved the creativity and all the “what-ifs” of this project….”

April 20: perspectives on death


Excerpt: “I was ? years old when my Aunt Jana died from brain cancer…”

April 21: the gospel and cultural diversity


Excerpt: “Conversations about diversity, race, and inclusion seem to be everywhere. Is there room for these discussions within Christianity? What does God think about these matters?”

April 21: collaborating in his gifts


Excerpt: “My floors are littered with toys and goldfish, my walls covered in crayon. I struggle to get through a full day’s schoolwork with my second grader and write in the mornings or whenever I can squeeze it in. I can’t do everything well, and according to scripture, that’s okay…”

April 22: My Story Before the Story


Excerpt: “Greetings, my most loyal subjects. My name is Princess Lillian and I’m five years old. Do you like my dress? Some people say it isn’t a normal princess dress and I agree. How can it be normal when it’s extra special?”

Book Signing!



  1. You’ve had a terrific book launch, Jenny! We’re so impressed how organized you are, and the favor the Lord brought to you. What a wonderful story you’ve written.

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