Bible and Writing


by Jenny Fulton

Welcome to my first ever blog post on my first ever website!  I am really excited about this and hope you will be too!

Honestly, I have been rather intimidated with the idea of setting up and managing a blog.  I tend to approach computers and technology with a rather cautious hand (as opposed to John, whose job revolves around computers).  However, for various reasons, I felt it was time to make that jump, and surprisingly enough, I have been having a great time with the set-up process.  Who knew?

Anyway, a little about this blog and what I hope to accomplish with it.  The past 18 months have been a really, really rough time in our life.  During those months, we experienced the pain of two miscarriages, some rough family conflicts, an 18 month old with 3rd degree burns, frequent problems with John’s health, an uncertain pregnancy (that thankfully resulted in a healthy and thriving baby), and a heartbreaking situation with the church we had been a part of since our dating days.  There was a great deal of heartache and learning through this time and one of the biggest things to come out of it was a greater appreciation for the interwoven workings of the heart and mind, knowledge and relationship, scripture and life.   This is what I hope to communicate on this blog.  The word of God is alive and living.  He communicates his truths to us in various ways – through the Bible, through people of the past, through day-to-day life and experiences, and through stories.  Each communication is given to us with the purpose of helping us grow in our relationship with him and with each other.

May the words of this blog and the mediation of our hearts be acceptable in His sight.   


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