Outpourings of the Heart Number Five—The Joy of the Lord

By John Fulton

O’ My God, My God, my precious Redeemer and Friend, You are my Hope and my Song.

If there is joy in my heart, it comes from You.

When I think of what You have done for me and my soul leaps like a playful fawn, my face uncontrollably smiles, and I cannot but sing of Your beauty and majesty and greatness!

O’ God of my heart, O’ Ruler of my soul, all that I am sings praises to You. Though I be tired, yet my entire being leaps and jumps like a child at a water park.

O’ My Lord, in the intimacy of Your presence I forget my sorrows. My afflictions melt away as ice dropped on the hot summer pavement.

In You, Majestic and Mighty, is rest from toil, gladness in place of fear, peace in place of restlessness, joy even in the midst of oppressive sorrow.

O’ My God, My God, My Precious Redeemer and Friend, You are my hope and my song.

Though my eyes be full of tears, they are tears of joy and thanksgiving to You, O’ Most High and Blessed.

_ _ _

*Image by Joëlle Moreau from Pixabay


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