Beth Alvarez

Genre: Fantasy

Books: To Steal the World, To Steal the Crown

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About the Author:

Beth Alvarez is an Illinois native living in Memphis, Tennessee, along with her husband, daughter, a Siberian husky, and a very mean cat.

A visual arts major, she has worked as a freelance graphic designer. Against all advice, she makes her own book covers.

Reading The Hobbit when she was 8 years-old led Beth to fall in love with fantasy at an early age. She later developed a love for vampires and the supernatural, which is unsurprising, given she never outgrew the goth phase.

In her free time, Beth enjoys drawing, hitting the road in her beloved Mustang, sipping tea, sewing for her Asian ball-jointed dolls, and making her prior-Marine husband spar in the kitchen for sake of writing more convincing combat scenes.

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