K. A. Thomsen

Genre: YAFantasy and Middle Grade Fiction

Books: The Hidden Valley, Valley Unveiled, The Recipe, Orphan and Sorcerer (to be released September 2020)

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About K. A. Thomsen

K. A. Thomsen is an author, actor and model in Vancouver, BC. She self-published The Hidden Valley series, a ranch kids meets ice age story. Her latest project is The Griffin’s Egg trilogy, a  Tolkeinesque Young Adult Fantasy. Orphan and Sorcerer is the first book, set to be released by September 2020. Thomsen has also published travel stories, arts articles, short stories and poems in various publications. In all of her writing, nature imagery is strongly featured.

On Instagam, K. A. Thomsens posts about creativity, emotional/spiritual health, and includes acting/model photos and other random snapshots of her life.

She also has @fash1pash1 where she posts almost exclusively about fashion, designers, beauty, makeup and some animal/environmental/social issues.

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