Outpourings of the Heart Number Two—Regarding Our worth

Who are we?

Who do others say we are?

Who does God say we are?

Throughout the years, popular theologians have emphasized our state as worthless sinners before God. Churches today loudly and proudly proclaim our lowly and worthless state as “sinners in the hands of an angry God.”

But is that how God truly sees us?

Or does God ascribe greater value to us than we do to ourselves and each other?

Does the fact that we sin immediately turn us into horrible sinners in the eyes of God who are only worthy of hellfire and death?

Or does God think better things of us?

Where in the Bible does it ascribe to God or Jesus this idea that anyone who sins is worthy of the fires of hell?

What if Jesus actually operates on our behalf and praises us before the heavenly host? What if God says we are worthy?

  • Introduction by Jenny Fulton

___   ___   ___

Outpourings of the Heart #2

By John Fulton

You have praised me in the great assembly.

You have not been ashamed of me before our God.

You are not afraid to call me brother, nor advocate me before our Father.

Before the assembled host, in the presence of the Almighty, you speak my name and declare my righteousness.


Yet, I have not believed Your report.

In my heart, I have said, this cannot be.

I have let the world conform my heart to say, I am a sinner, worthy of punishment and death, and not your praise.

In my thoughts I have declared You a liar, a speaker of falsehood and have clung to the false report of me.


Transform my heart, O’ Mighty One.

Hear my voice, renew my mind, strengthen my thinking to believe and live the truth You speak.

Teach me how to reject the lies and fall into Your comforting embrace.

Help me, oh my helper and comforter and give me strength to see and perceive and believe the truth of me You speak.

O’ my strength, the song of joy in my heart, silence the mockers, destroy the advocates in my mind that speak falsely of me.

Strengthen me to believe Your report of me, guide me in meditation upon Your truths regarding me so I may do so for others shackled by false lies regarding their worth.


___   ___   ___

* Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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