Outpourings of the Heart Number Four – Battling Fears

By John Fulton

The fear of men is upon me; I fret and worry over what they might do to me.

I tremble and am scared and dream frightening dreams about how they will hurt me.

The fear of dark spiritual things is upon me; I fear what they might do to me in the night.

The fear of getting stuck down some trail alone or attacked by a beast of the forest grips me.

Yet You have revealed to me in a vision of the night Your mighty power.

You have revealed Yourself to be a consuming fire that destroyed even Satan’s power over me like a dry blade of grass is destroyed in a roaring blaze.

How can this be, O’ My God, my Deliverer and Protector, my Ever-present Help in time of need?

I have seen Your hand act in my life, time and time again. I have seen Your glorious protection and Your destruction of Your adversaries, yet in me is still fear.

How can this be, O’ Majestic and Mighty God, Awesome in Power, my Bullet-proof Vest that stops every bullet fired against me?

May I meditate night and day on Your truths.

May my mind be transformed to remember Your protection and destruction of Satan’s hold on me.

For, if You can destroy him, what can man or beast or foul weather do to me?

Praise to You for grace and patience in my weakness.

Praise to You that You do not grow weary of me in my frailty, but like a gentle and loving parent, remind me that You are with me, an ever present vest of protection from all that assails me.

Renew my mind, O’ God, to see this truth: I need fear no evil, nor man, nor beast, nor blustery storm.

Fill my heart with the courage that comes only from the certainty of who You are; a faithful and true Shepherd of His flock; a Woe to the wolves that seek to devour; a loving Protector to His lambs.

All glory and honor and praise be to the great Shepherd, Protector of the lambs of God, forever and ever, Amen!


Image by katalin csák from Pixabay


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