Outpourings of the Heart Number Seven – Seeking God’s Purpose

What do you do when you catch a glimpse of the purpose God has for your life?

What do you do when that purpose is different than what you are now doing?

What do you do when you have to wait for that new purpose to begin?

___   ___   ___

Outpourings of the Heart #7

By John Fulton

God, you have filled my mind with a vision for my life’s true purpose.

You have filled my heart with a longing to serve You and teach others Your ways.

My heart pounds to be about Your vision; it rages like a bull before the matador’s cape; it rages like a mama bear whose cubs are under threat.

My heart – it threatens to explode from longing to be about Your will and to share the inexpressible joy You have placed upon my heart.

Lord, O My Father, Author of my life, Creator of my being,

            You have filled my heart with a vision;

            You have spoken of it through the woman you gave to me as wife – a blessed woman of holiness, a daughter after Your heart.

            You have confirmed my purpose through one who walks not with You and considers You all foolishness.

            You have confirmed my purpose through a total stranger – a man I knew not of, but who walks in Your grace, longing to serve You.

Through a manifold witness You have expressed and confirmed Your purpose for me, the purpose that burns my heart and threatens to destroy it

Yahweh, God of gods, Lord of lords, Author of all purpose, do not delay in fulfilling Your purpose for me.

Relieve me of this tension before it overwhelms me. Give vent to this pressure before it becomes the reason for my demise.

Bring about Your purpose speedily, just as a race care runs its circuit in all haste.

Let me, I cry, execute Your will without delay.

_ _ _

*Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay


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