Outpourings of the Heart Number Ten – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

By John Fulton

Creator of all things,

Before anything was, before time was time, in the unfathomable, inexpressible vastness of eternity, You picked up a lump of clay and fashioned me upon Your pattern wheel.

You did not fashion me chaotically, for You had a plan in mind – a purpose to fulfill, for there was a need for a specific kind of vessel for a moment when time would be time.

You shaped me; You formed me; You fired me in Your kiln; You set me upon a shelf to be used as You saw fit.


In the fullness of time, You whispered to me upon Your shelf. “Do not be troubled. Let not the dust that has gathered on you drive you to grief, for I have a purpose for you. You are a chosen vessel to guide my people.”

You spoke to me; You handled me with love and care; You wiped off the dust and said, “Be ready. You will lead my people.”

You took me to Your finishing room; You picked up Your paintbrush; You decorated me until I was a wonder to behold; You etched Your name upon me and said, “Soon, soon you will teach and preach and guide. I have purposed it, and none shall thwart it. There is nothing left to be said, for soon you will act, and it will be.”


I lie upon Your mantle finished and polished, a vessel of honor.

Before anything was, before time was time, You formed me for this time.

You created me for a purpose; You fashioned me with love and care; You added the finishing touches to Your delight. #purpose #loved

You have purposed; soon it shall be, for You are Mighty and Majestic, and there are none who can oppose Your will.

_ _ _

*Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay



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