Welcome Wednesday – Anchoring Your Soul with Angela Georgantas

Author: Angela Georgantas

Genre: Devotionals

Book: Anchor Your Soul in Hope

Anchor Your Soul in Hope: a 13-week devotional designed to reduce stress, strengthen faith, and foster a closer walk with God. Includes nautical coloring pages, fun daily challenges, prayer starters, and 91 Bible verses to journal.

Anchoring Your Soul

Angela Georgantas  is a high school English teacher, blogger, and author. Her book, Anchor Your Soul in Hope, is a Christian devotional published in two formats. There’s a paperback version with coloring pages and lines for Bible journaling, and an e-book version that includes suggestions for sketching your own pictures instead of coloring pages.

The devotional was birthed from a combination of prayer, a hymn, and circumstances.

“I asked God for a summer project, and I believe He gave me this book. I sat down one afternoon with one of my favorite hymns, and before I knew it, I had a working outline.”

Circumstances surrounding Covid-19 also had a hand in the book’s development.

“I was feeling the stress and fear radiate off other people, especially the teachers I was in contact with over the summer. I wanted to get God’s message out there that if we will just trust in God, He will ground us and give us peace.”

With all the pieces in place, the pages quickly came together.

“It was a whirlwind,” Angela noted. “I wrote it in about three weeks, but some days I was at my computer for 12-15 hours a day. I knew I had to get it to market before school started and my life became too busy to even think. The main thing I learned is that I love it when God is in charge of a project. When I’m blogging each week, I pray and ask God for inspiration, and I don’t stop praying until I hit the publish button. With this book, there was nearly constant prayer as I checked and double checked that it was what He wanted. I must say it’s a rather addicting experience. I’m praying right now for another book in the series.”

The subjects for each devotional are based upon the lyrics of “I’ve Anchored in Jesus” – the hymn that inspired the book.

Angela explained this a bit more. “The book is set up to match line-for-line the hymn ‘I’ve Anchored in Jesus.’ Each week is a different theme such as Faith Over Fear, Two Kinds of Rest, Trade Sorrows For Joy, and This World is Not Our Home. Each week’s nautical picture includes something that ties into the message for the week to help you visualize the lesson.”

“What do you hope readers come away with after reading your book?” I asked.

“I hope their faith increases and their fears dull. I hope the prayer starters will foster a new habit of really getting in there to discuss scriptures with God.”

Although the book has only been available since August, Angela has already had some great feedback from people who bought the book.

“Several ladies have bought books to give as gifts. My pastor’s wife told me a funny story. She brought one to a shut-in at church. The lady loved it and started to use it, but when she showed it to her daughter who came to visit, the daughter ended up taking it with her when she left! My pastor’s wife had to buy her a new one.”

Book Blurb for Anchor Your Soul

Concerned about the uncharted waters facing society today? Reduce stress, strengthen faith, and foster a closer walk with God using this 13-week devotional workbook. There are plenty of lines for Bible journaling, fun challenges, and matching nautical coloring pages. Each week’s theme is based on a line from the beloved hymn, “I’ve Anchored in Jesus,” and covers such topics as faith over fear, two kinds of rest, and trading sorrow for joy. Use this study to anchor your soul in the hope that only God’s Word provides. Nothing can shake you if you’re grounded in God!

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Devotional Author Angela Georgantas shares about her book, Anchor Your Soul, on heart-soul-mind.org

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