Welcome Wednesday: Joy Out From Grief with Kathy Joy

Author: Kathy Joy

Genre: Devotionals

Books: A Breath of Joy series: Winter Whispers, Singing Spring, Simply Summer, Ah, Autumn

“Winter Whispers” is a hush, a sip of peppermint, a snowflake landing on your nose; an invitation to practice awe. Each page is a portal to wonder: words in pithy phrases paired with photos that spark warm memories. @Breath_of_Joy #coffeetablebook #joy

Joy Out From Grief

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Kathy Joy is an author and speaker with a background in radio broadcasting. She’s a “collector of rare, splendid moments,” many of which have made their way into her inspirational, photo-driven book series.

Joy doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes, its seed is planted in grief and its roots are grown in the soil of sadness. This was the case with Kathy’s books.

Her Story

“My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly on a Tuesday evening, shortly after a successful haul of hay in the back field of our farm acreage. He had always been my biggest and loudest cheerleader, encouraging me to write. He even had plans to build a writing studio for me in the style of a lighthouse.

“To cope with my grief, I began collecting three beautiful moments each day. These collections became seasonal coffee table books, each singing home the passageways of the heart.

“Writing these books has been a catharsis: the very organic act of writing simple celebrations has helped me stay close to the Sacred while navigating unknown waters of grief.

“While I never saw that lighthouse built, his legacy is his confidence in me and that’s a beacon — a strong light over my writing journey.”

A Perspective on Grief and Loss

Nobody wants to go through pain. Nobody wants to experience loss. We ask why – why do bad things happen? Why do we have to experience the heart-rending torment? Where is God?

Out from the pain and sorrow of her devastating loss, Kathy discovered another side to the story.

“Grief and loss. While that sad combo doesn’t seem inspiring, it is,” she shared. “Pain can be a seed for discovering your own depth and unique take on life. Pain can, and will, inform you of the depth of your faith in God and His provisions to walk you through the experience.”

“Pain can be a seed for discovering your own depth and unique take on life. Pain can, and will, inform you of the depth of your faith in God and His provisions to walk you through the experience.” — Kathy Joy @Breath_of_Joy #pain #hope #faith

A “Breath of Joy!”

Kathy’s “Breath of Joy!” book series encompasses the four seasons. Each one carries notes of hope and New Beginnings to the reader.

Throughout the books are woven such themes as friendship, survival, faith, strength, acceptance, seasons, and new beginnings.

Kathy earnestly desires that after reading her books, people will be filled with hope, immersed with, “Little bursts of recognition of how there are blessings all around, if we just take time to see them.”

Book Blurb for Singing Spring

In honor of American farmers, Singing Spring presents a portrait of springtime trilling with imagery in photographs. Where poetry spills over pages to melt your heart and the heart of one listening to your voice, we hope for sprouts and songs together.

Calendar events include: Good Friday and Easter. There will be scented garden parties and rites of marriage. Strong and kind mothers will be celebrated alongside Memorial Day and Father’s Day.

Book Blurb for Simply Summer

This Classy Novelty is now a Five-Star Readers’ Favorite. SIMPLY SUMMER IS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE.

Breath of Joy: Simply Summer is a 40-page waterside souvenir reflecting the best in resort living and the goodness of summertime at home. Far better than a greeting card!

Radio personality, Kathy Joy, has tickled many ears with her everyday celebrations. A girl with two homes, Kathy Joy belongs to Colorado and to Lake Erie. Her popular celebrations ring true to your most enjoyable times on beaches and bicycling through fishing villages or, antique shopping with a freckled-faced sidekick. Turn the key to experience the smells and sounds of summer.

Doubling as a read-to-me children’s picture book, ages 6-8, the season of summer in nature has never felt so near.

Book Blurb for Ah, Autumn

In the cycles of the earth, glory rises and falls in the breeze. There is nothing like crisp Autumn air to make you feel alive.

Let all things autumn slip under your skin in the rakishness of dying blooms. A harvest time souvenir, Ah, Autumn is a deep breath of colorful joy. Inhale the pages to be filled with happiness and thanksgiving. Everyday life is now a novelty.

Ah, Autumn should be shared at the harvest table and with the best of friends! Exhale brisk, musky memories and yearnings penned by radio D.J. Kathy Joy, a girl with two homes: Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Book Blurb for Winter Whispers

Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during times of rest. Photo art and prose accompany three celebrations every day.

Wintertime includes Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and Tax Day. A soul can steal bases all over the bleak and bumpy landscape while reading Breath of Joy: WINTER WHISPERS. Providing times of reflection, page after page offers extravagant footholds. This volume is a sweet box of springboards through winter months coated with warm words of comfort and joy. Accompanied by exquisite seasonal photographs.

Praise for Breath of Joy

Kathy Joy’s book series, “Breath of Joy!” is a deep dive into colorful splashes of pictures, with celebrations on every page.

Readers are saying:

“Oh. My!!! The exquisite, crisp loveliness of this book has captured my heart. I often sour on the holidays for all the commercialism, but I read the Christmas perspective in this book and all the reasons to remember the purpose of love is still growing in winter, and that’s where I see my comfort and joy. I have just purchased two more copies to give as gifts.”

and …

“Winter Whispers, book #4 in the Breath of Joy series by Kathy Joy, is a wonderful little book! Sometimes the best things come in small packages and that’s the case here. Winter Whispers is a personal experience, a visual journey that conjures up the warm glow of memories – and all who read it will connect in their own way.”

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