Welcome Wednesday: Writing with the Humor of Life with Carol McClain

Author: Carol McClain

Genre: Christian Fiction

Book: The Perils of Cheryl, A New York Yankee on Stinking Creek, Yesterday’s Poison

The Perils of Cheryl: Only a man can save her—any man, so long as he’s hot. (But how does she hide the kids?) #newrelease #ChristianFiction #laughter @carol_mcclain

Writing with the Humor of Life

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Carol McClain is an award-winning women’s fiction author who writes humor-infused novels about the redemption of the unredeemable.

“I write women’s fiction because I love the messy lives of real humans,” Carol shared. “I love seeing how they work out issues and how scripture plays into their lives.”

Carol’s latest book, The Perils of Cheryl, is a re-release of her debut novel (originally titled DWF: Divorced White Female). Among other elements, it takes a humorous look at divorce, dating, and the divine.

The ability to laugh in the midst of life’s craziness is definitely a skill, one that Carol appears to have mastered in abundance.

“Humor defines my personality and writing. Even when most serious, I’m funny. Aren’t you rolling on the floor laughing right now?”

Not surprisingly, much of the inspiration for this book came from Carol’s own life experiences.

“I met my husband, a United Methodist minister, online. In the tiny community I lived in, available men were as rare as sunshine in winter. This novel was inspired by people I know and by the innate humor of dating foibles.”

Although Carol has written other books, she acknowledges that The Perils of Cheryl is the funniest she’s ever written.

“Besides humor, what are some of the themes woven throughout the book?” I asked.

“Essentially, only God can bring lasting contentment. Aside from faith, family matters more than romance. Don’t be so lonely and eager for a man, any man—which I see so prevalent in our society—that you sacrifice the most important aspects of life.”

Such an important lesson to learn.

“How did writing this book impact you?”

The Perils of Cheryl proved to me I could write a compelling novel and make people laugh.”

That’s definitely a worthy accomplishment.

“What do you hope readers come away with after reading it?”

“I want this novel to be entertaining—and it is. If nothing else, you’ll eagerly read to the end and sigh that you’ve finished reading it. Hopefully, you’ll see what’s important in your own life.”

If you’re interested in staying up to date on Carol’s latest news and benefiting from her insights into Scripture and the world, you can sign up for her newsletter and blog at carolmcclain.com.

Book Blurb for The Perils of Cheryl

Only a man can save her—any man so long as he’s hot

Sassy, desperate, and ditched by her husband, Cheryl Chandler realizes only one thing will redeem her from her ex-husband’s betrayal. A man.

Finding love in rural New York proves a daunting challenge. With a shallow gene pool and a crazy family, she wants someone willing to accept her quirky teens whose eccentricities range from New Age ideologies, to OCD, to religious fanaticism, and a toddler—her husband’s parting gift.

What man would love her and accept them? (Or could she hide the kids?)

Her children, and mother, have the solution. Online dating.

Here she meets two men. Religious fanatic Tarrant charms her, but he’s so pious, he actually likes to go to church and loves to study his Bible. Mysterious Carleton is everything her desperation desires, witty, knowledgeable, and handsome. How does a woman choose among a crazy family or a need for unadulterated love or the draw of faith? She certainly can’t decide without a hefty dose of humor.

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  1. It’s kind of unfair in a way to categorize this as “Women’s Fiction”. I mean, I see that angle, but this book is so much more than a narrowly focused work. As a man, I read this book and not only enjoyed it’s humor, but found it extremely relevant with regard to both spiritual maturity and human relationships – from all sides: wives, husbands, sons, daughters, friends, exes, etc. I highly recommend it for both men and women. It’s a terrific story told with great skill and a masterful touch that brings the characters to life. It’s one of those books with characters that are all completely believable. You will identify with them as people you have known – or possibly even yourself. I have also read other work by Carol McClain. She is a gifted writer and a really great human being. I am glad to see her getting some exposure here. She deserves it.

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