Chloe’s Corner: April Book Reviews

Hi ! I’m Chloe and I’m in 2nd grade. My April books were all about Madeline. I like her because she’s very brave, even though she’s very small.

Madeline and the Gypsies

This book was awesome! Madeline and her friends had fun at a gypsy carnival but then it started raining. Madeline and Pepito had been left behind. Miss Clavel came back and brought them home. I learned that you should never leave your children behind and should make sure you count them all.

_ _ _


This book was also awesome! Madeline has fun in an old house in Paris. But Madeline had appendicitis. Miss Clavel and Madeline’s friends went to visit her. They saw toys. I learned that appendicitis is bad.

_ _ _

Madeline and the Bad Hat

This book was awesome, too! Madeline saw a bad hat. This was a boy who was very bad. He hurt them. Then he hurt himself. I learned that if you are mean, you get hurt.

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