Welcome Wednesday: In Honor of Veterans with Joy Avery Melville

Author: Joy Avery Melville

Genre: Christian Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Books: Sown in Peace, Meant for Her

Soldier Tori Archer returns home with physical scars after being taken down by an IED. In her battle against PTSD, she meets retired Military Dog Handler Griff McKay who trains dogs for wounded warrior therapy. But can God bring healing to this much pain? #fiction #veterans

In Honor of Veterans

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Award winning author Joy Avery Melville writes from a desire to share God’s love with those who too often hurt in silence. Her latest book, Sown in Peace, focuses on the sacrifices and struggles of the men and women who serve in the armed forces.

What inspired you to write this book?

“I watched a TV news report about returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. It talked about the upswing of PTSD and Veteran Suicides.”

The report grabbed hold of Joy’s heart and sent her on a journey to learn more about what these men and women faced when they returned home.

“I’ve learned that sadly there are MORE than 25 REPORTED suicides per day committed by Veterans – those unreported happen even within our armed forces while still in service. Now, with the horrific scenes coming out of Afghanistan that number has risen to even more horrific proportions, due to the memories it invokes and the feeling they can do nothing to help.”

To gain even greater insight as she wrote this book, Melville spent a great deal of time speaking with two very different Army veterans.

How did writing this book change or impact you?

“It was a learning experience. An emotional one. What these men live with on a daily basis humbled me. The reminders they have, if they watch the news – especially now in light of what happened in August in Afghanistan – brings things all frighteningly back to the surface. The comradery is far beyond serving together – it is a bond-for-life – brother/sisterhood surpassing time and distance.”


Some of the themes in Sown in Peace include spiritual and emotional healing, compassion, and forgiveness.

What do you hope readers come away with after reading your book?

“I hope they come to realize that men and women suffer from PTSD in ways we’d never expect. I hope the readers gain even more respect for these veterans, recognizing they have sacrificed peace of mind and, quite often, parts of their body on our behalf.  Whether they are aware of it or not, they are a picture of Christ.”

Book Blurb for Sown in Peace

How much can one wounded soul take?

Victoria (Tori) Archer has the heart of a soldier. Taken down by an IED during her fourth deployment, she’s permanently separated from her military career and left with physical scars as well as PTSD. Moving back to her hometown of Three Rivers, Michigan, she’s forced by circumstances to live with an irascible and unsympathetic aunt. Tori’s battle with pain, horrific memories, and loss of independence creates a deep yearning for peace. Will God grant her even a small measure of it?

Retired Military Dog Handler Griffin (Griff) McKay turns to training dogs at his farm for wounded warrior therapy, desiring to bring former military men and women emotional and mental healing. Implementing his plan proves to be more difficult than visualized with the arrival of one stubborn soldier. Why has God placed that particular warrior in his path?

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