Welcome Wednesday: Everyday Poetry with Carla Marie Blake

Author: Carla Marie Blake

Genre: Poetry

Books: Learning Through Poetry, A,B,C Book of Inspirational Poetry for Everyday Life and Emotions

Everyday Poetry

Interview by Jenny Fulton

Author Carla Marie Blake is a poet with passion to “paint a portrait of this world.” The inspiration for her work comes from her life experiences with all it trials and temptations.

Blake’s first book, Learning Through Poetry: The Bible, includes pictures and poetic retellings of well-known Bible stories.

Her next work, A,B,C Book of Inspirational Poetry for Everyday Life and Emotions, was inspired by her dating, work, and personal health related stories.

How did writing theses book change or impact you?

“They’ve helped me stay encouraged and have helped to pave the path for my next breakthrough.”

What are some of the themes woven throughout the books?

“To stay inspired, stay determined, stay faithful, and be encouraged.”

What do you hope readers come away with after reading your books?

“I hope they gain hope, encouragement, and the push they need for moving forward.”

Connect with Carla

Carla loves it when readers contact her.

“Being connected to my readers is important to me,” she shared. “I want to know how I touched their lives and hear their stories.”

You can reach out to Carla through:

Book Blurb for Learning Through Poetry

The Learning Through Poetry book series will focus solely on the Bible and learning some of the most basic and popular stories through the avenue that I hold so dear; poetry. My goal is to make reading the Bible easier for children to follow and understand. My purpose, as a whole, is to enlighten the spirits of children everywhere through the gift of reading and visual learning.

Book Blurb for A,B,C Book of Inspirational Poetry for Everyday Life and Emotions

These poems, or as I would like to call them letters, to you are all very true. Each was derived from an emotion or moment that took place in my life. I believe God took me through these events so I could release my thoughts into a beautiful passage. As you read the letters on these pages, I pray that they resonate with you and bring joy and peace
to your heart.

Purchase the Books:


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