Laurie Glass

Genre: Biography and Memoir, Self-Help

Books: A Picture of His Grace – My Anorexia Recovery Story, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders, Bible Verses for Eating Disorder Recovery, Quotes for Eating Disorder Recovery, Journaling in Eating Disorder Recovery, Inspiration for Eating Disorder Recovery

Course: Christian Eating Disorder Recovery Course

Heart-Soul-Mind Article: Addressing Eating Disorders with Laurie Glass

About the Author

Laurie Glass is a recovered anorexic who has used her past experience to encourage others who are going through similar struggles. She has a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a gift for touching people with her words. Laurie has worked in various fields over the years, including ministry, working with the elderly and disabled, and working for an attorney. A chronic illness has since taken her out of the workforce. She is grateful that she wrote so much about eating disorders when she was able and that these writings can remain available and continue to encourage and inspire others.

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