Temperance Johnson

Genre: Historical Fiction

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Series: Liberty Chronicles

Published Book: Liberty House

Upcoming Books:

  • Liberty Ranch (currently being edited, due for publication in the spring of 2021 )
  • Liberty Mountain (currently being written, set for publication in the summer of 2021 )

About the Author:

Temperance Johnson has always loved to read and write. As one of eleven children, she began using writing from their support, and it quickly became one of her favorite pastimes. At the young age of thirteen, Temperance wrote her first book, showing, early on, her inclination toward authorship. With that, her love for both reading and writing has only continued to grow. Passionate about the subjects of adoption, family, and faith, Temperance started the Liberty Chronicles.

In her free time, Temperance shares her love for horses and history through carriage tours that she gives in historic Augusta, Kentucky with her ex-racehorse, Skeeter. Temperance currently lives on a farm with her St. Bernards and enjoys spoiling her seven nephews and sixteen nieces. 

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