An Outcry Against Evil

By John Fulton

They have replaced You, Yahweh. They have replaced You with men. They have replaced You with men who lift their thrones high, high above Your own. These false gods say to the masses, “Lean on us, listen to us, we will be your shepherds, we will be your guides, we will show you the path of life and the vaults of wisdom, for we are wisdom’s keepers – we are wisdom’s masters.”

But these men, they are not gods, they are wicked, tricksey, false! They do not lead down the path of wisdom; they lead down the path of falsehood and death. They do not hold the keys to wisdom; they hold the keys to foolishness and their way is the way of destruction.

They hate Your people, Lord. They hate them and they lay before them snares to trap them. Their goal is to turn Your people from You, and if they cannot turn them, their goal is to destroy them. They breathe fire and malice and death upon Your own, and all too often they shamefully call themselves Your own. They are snakes and vipers, wolves dressed as bunnies, lying in wait to strike, to devour, to kill. They claim to be of You, but they are not from You. They claim to do Your work, to be a guide to the blind, but they themselves are blind, fit only to guide those already doomed for destruction.

There are some, Yahweh, there are some who use Your Holy Name to profiteer. They seek the weak, the helpless, the scared, the frightened, and the afraid so they may devour them, use them, suck the life-giving marrow out of their bones and then spit out their dried husks, their desiccated remains when they are through with them.

Stay at home, practicing social distancing does not save lives, it destroys them! It destroys them one suicide at a time; it destroys them one stress-induced cardiac arrest at a time. It destroys them one-by-one as fear and loneliness drive a slow death spiral into depression and madness. It destroys them one child abuse at a time as scared and frightened parents lash out at the most convenient target available.

Staying at home, practicing social distancing is not some brave and noble act. Do you really think God does not see into your heart? Do you not think He knows the truth of your inner thoughts? Do you really think He is fooled and that you will not stand before His host as He passes judgement? Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to the world, stop lying to God. The only life you care to save is your own, the only breath you wish to preserve is in your own lungs, and it matters not how many lives are destroyed to accomplish it.

O’ wicked and perverse generation, you have forsaken the one true God for false gods who have set their thrones above the One who made them. These so-called experts tell the One who made all things that He lacks understanding. They, in their arrogance, boldly predict the future and tell Him who knows all time to wait and see what the outcome will be.

O’ wicked and perverse generation, your gods are not gods. They are mere men. They are wicked, lying, deceitful men who raise themselves up to lofty heights in the thrall of their own arrogance. They care not for you, just as you care not for your fellow man. You are but sheep, but cattle, but beasts of burden to carry their egos upon your backs while they feast upon the flesh of your unquestioning faith and worship and adoration.

Do you think so little of your God? Do you hold so lightly to His truth? Are you so afraid of an invisible virus that can only kill you that you fear not an invisible God who can take your soul? Why do you tremble so before a tiny strand of DNA, but think nothing of standing in prideful arrogance before Whom the whole cosmos trembles and shakes?

Yahweh says He created us male and female. Your gods say there are many genders, and you accept it. Yahweh says if man lies with a man or a woman with a woman, it is an abomination. Your gods say it is natural and good, and you preach it. Yahweh says He created the cosmos; your gods say it was an accident, and you accept it. Yahweh says He created man and woman and the plants and the animals. Your gods say it was just random happenstance.

O’ wicked and perverse generation, repent! Repent of your evil. Turn from your false gods to the One true and living God before it is too late. Reject their lies for His truth. Fear not the death of the body. Fear instead the death of the soul.

A greater darkness approaches. It rides on a swift horse. God will see it done to wipe clean the land of wickedness, perversion, and evil. It will dwarf the terror this virus brings upon you. It will shake mountains and blacken cities, and you will know there is a God in heaven, even if you will still refuse to acknowledge Him or revere Him as Lord and God and King.

Repent! Repent now before it is too late. Repent while your heart still beats, your lungs still breathe, and your mind can still assent to His will. Repent, turn to Him, fall upon your knees in worship, and you may yet live and not die the second death from which there is no return.

_ _ _

*Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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