Blog and Publishing Updates: November 2021

By Jenny Fulton

It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog and there are a few reasons for that. So, I wanted to share a bit about what’s been going on and give you a heads-up on some slight changes John and I will be making to this site.

Freelancing/Publishing News

My freelancing and book writing career has greatly expanded in the last six months. The opportunities I’ve been presented with are incredible, but they also mean less time to spend on content for this site.

Here’s a run-down of some of these changes and opportunities.

Lil’ Kingdom Sisters Children’s Book Series

After a few developments this summer, I realized it was time to part ways with the hybrid publisher I’d gone through to publish Princess Lillian and Grandpa’s Goodbye. I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me to get started and grow in confidence. You can still purchase this book on Amazon, Ingram Sparks, Barnes and Noble, and by requesting it at your local bookstore.

I’ll be completing the next book, A Princess’ Guide to the Alphabet, as a self-publisher. I’m very excited to delve into the page design aspect of this process and to experience more of the indie side of the industry.

1 Corinthians Bible Study

In May of this year, I signed a contract with Foundations Book Publishing Company, a traditional publisher, for my 1 Corinthians Bible Study. We are working on the 2nd round of edits and will likely publish it sometime in 2022. I’ve enjoyed learning more about the traditional publishing process and discovering the how’s and why’s behind it.


I’ve completed my healing/unity/multi-cultural themed memoir and am working on revisions. This includes running it by Jennifer Slattery, my highly skilled and experienced critique partner, and revising it again with another trusted friend and mentor. Once I’m satisfied I’ve done all I can with the story, I’ll decide which publishing route I want to pursue.

Co-Written Navajo Mystery

In October, Brian Nixon, a very skilled and experienced local author, invited me to work with him on a Navajo mystery series. It was too intriguing of an idea to resist, so I agreed. For the last two months, we’ve been researching people, places, history, and social issues that will help us craft the first book.

Co-Content Editing

Brian also offered me a freelance job as a co-content editor on another project he’s involved with. I’m not sure how much I can say about this yet, so I’m not going to say anything else.

Wholly Loved Ministries

My critique partner, Jennifer Slattery, is a multi-published author, the host of the Faith-Over-Fear podcast, and founder of Wholly Loved Ministries. In July, she asked me to join their ministry team. It’s an honor to serve with this group in whatever way I can. So far, I’ve written articles and am looking to help out with putting together some of the graphics for their blog.

Heart-Soul-Mind Blog Changes

Blogging: With my focus turning to these publishing endeavors, my blog has been sadly neglected. However, my husband, John, recently expressed he was feeling the call to start writing again. Therefore (yeah!) John will be writing most of the upcoming blogs for this site.

Author Interviews: I still want to offer other authors an opportunity to showcase their work and to keep a running list of books in various genres, but I’m looking to restructure how I do this. The interviews take more time than I have to put together, so I’m looking at changing them from interviews to guests posting and book reviews where writers from any genre and publishing route can share about their books. If you’re an author and would like to share about your book on this site, send me an email at

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